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Our days get so busy sometimes, don't they? It'd be nice to have a cup of tea without the usual swarm of worries bothering our minds.

--2022/09/22 --
Decluttered the website as a whole, re-added the changelog in the homepage with a cute floating cirno. Also, since I'm chronically indecisive, I've once again changed my blog to a more journal-like look. yes I know I need to settle on something, it has been a year jeez!!! (this also reminds me that I've missed the site's birthday which was ten days ago. happy late first bday astral town!)

-- 2022/04/09 --
published homepage, will have to fix other pages which might be broken

-- 2022/04/08 --
created new homepage with sidebars, reworked the css

Originally created on the 12th of September, 2021.