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About me

Hello, hi - my nickname's serimemo, which stands for serial memories; more often than not I'll shorten it to memo.
I'm from a foggy and humid town of Northern Italy and, apart from the human residents, it's not that bad of a place. I like cute things, things that are pleasing to the eye, things that tell a story; for such reason I am trying to pursue a path in artistic studies.

I like to draw, craft, and learn of ways to express creativity; this website is part of that whole sphere, and every edit I make (be it to the design or to the choice of words) is a step forward making something that might not be incredible or awe-inducing, but that is at least something I can call mine.

I have a fond interest in music and I like to discuss about albums and genres of all kinds. some of my favorite works are In Utero by Nirvana; Is This Desire by P.J. Harvey; The Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest; Requiem by Verdena.

I also like videogames - RPGs, rhythm games, MMOs expecially - but I'm open to anything.