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Sooner or later I'll develop a small "explorable" html town with some original characters drawn by me, I just need the time and proper mood - plus some proper planning.

I'll probably make it a tad wider than the default site width, and maybe have the "place" (meaning the background, like a photo/drawing of a street or a room) on the right while having the text on the left, or viceversa.


Today I dreamt of snakes; I'm not sure what it truly meant, but it's an interesting thing nonetheless.

It might be because the last few days has been much more tense for my brain compared to what I had thought they'd be, and that's putting some serious strain on my mind and body. I can't even pin the blame on someone else – it's all me, all in my silly head doing silly elaborations. Eventually, I hope, it'll get better.

I wish I could follow up with a “on a more positive note” kind of phrase, but I can't think of any :( so instead let's say that all things considered, my issues are pretty marginal and could've been much worse.


Lately I started reading more books and I realized: there's so many white and unfilled pages; wouldn't it be nice to write on them?

Let me explain: I think there's a beauty in trading books once you're done with them and unless you care about them deeply. I also think there's something wonderful in handwritten things, such as letters and notes, so why not combine the two? Most books have one or two white pages both at the start and at the end, and those could collect so many thoughts!

Example: I buy a book, I read it. I take my pencil and write a line or two in the aforementioned pages, about anything: a minireview, a salute to whoever will read this book next. Then I leave this book to someone else, and they also do the same! In a matter of years all these pages could hold many little memories of all the people who've read the book. Wouldn't it be wonderful?

It's letting other people know what we were feeling or what we were thinking about when we were reading such piece; it's leaving a memory engraved onto a piece of paper, giving it an indipendent life while respecting the original medium.
A handmade sign that proves human's passing, elevating a simple book to a collection of emotions.

What do you think? Is this a nice idea, or do you shiver at the heretical thought of ruining a book? I'd love to know what you think - you can find many ways to contact me on the "about" page of this same website.

P.s.: in case some discussion arises, I could append various other opinions (with the person's approval ofc) at the end of the page, keeping it very handmade style (because it's cozy, but also because I don't even want to imagine how hard it'd be for my tiny brain to implement comments on a static html page).


Talking Heads - Listening Wind

Yesterday wasn't the greatest day - I felt tired, mean, peeved at the smallest inconvenience. I hope the weekend will be relaxing enough, I'll take it easy and hopefully will be able to study everything I have to learn without stressing myself out.


Radiohead - Idioteque (Live at Glastonbury, 2003)

Idioteque is a beautiful track, and the way it is played live is just astonishing.

I'm a little torn because I'd like to use the domain I own ( for this website, but it is also the domain I use for mail and I'd rather have some privacy between me and people I know in real life - not everyone I send an email to needs to see this. But wait! I probably could just use my provider's standard mail address for people I don't precisely trust. Yeah, that'd be nice.


Many things changed: I moved my website from to, a comfortable little place full of chill people (I suggest you checking out the main page and the other users' webpages!).

I also moved all my blogging from my gemini capsule to here because in the end it's just more accessible and way less fragmented.

Spring is here! I really needed some mood uplifting - taking a walk through sunny fields and blooming daisies helped.
It also felt a little nostalgic somehow, and I believe the embedded track summarizes my feelings towards this day pretty nicely.


When's the last time you've purposedly turned on the radio, be it at home or while in a car, to listen to something specific, such as a radio show or set that you particularly love?
Or rather, have you EVER turned on a tuner for such a reason?

I'm rather young compared to such a technology (which itself is already well past its prime) and I admit that before a certain age I couldn't care much: the only radios I knew were the more commercial ones, and I personally can't stand them. Announcers sound so.. weird most of the time, even more fake-sounding that TV hosts.

I recently started to love indipendent radios, although I mostly use them to listen to music.


I don't really know how I should comment on what has been going on in Ukraine for the last couple of days. Do I feel sadness? Anger, fear, anxiety? I don't know, but as soon as I hear about yet another civilian death count it's as if someone kicked my insides.

It's hard to live life and keep going as if everything was okay. Literature and books is the only thing that I find mildly relaxing because it's meditative, quiet; at times I even see it as more respectful, even if that obviously doesn't make much sense.

As usual, war is never the answer, it'll never be.
I know it sounds generic, but the only hope my brain can process right now is that of all the conflicts ending as soon as possible, peacefully and with no dire consequences for the normal civilians. Am I too optimistic?


As mentioned, to keep myself busy in these kind of times I mostly read.
Yesterday I've finished reading "Ada brucia" (can be translated as "Ada burns"), it was.. not an easy read. here's my short review on bookwyrm

I've also started "Il segreto di Luca" (translated in "Luca's secret"), which talks about this old man coming back to his little mountain village in the 60s, after being in prison for more than 40 years for a crime he didn't commit.
I might have a thing for books with a first name in the title, don't I? Also, I love little towns in little mountains.


Oh boy, today is THE weird date day: 22-02, of 2022. I wonder, will it hold any surprises?

Yesterday I got two things in the mail:

My cheap car radio stopped working after barely two months of usage, which made me quite sad. I hope I can somehow fix it and it was just a temporary issue :/ I don't wanna spend more money for a while.

Edit: I was able to fix my car radio, once again consumism will not have me.


It has been a long and stressful month. I plan on setting up a blog on the website too, where I can talk about more formulate thoughts, while leaving this side as a personal and very chaotic chunk of daily rambling.

Edit: I'm just gonna merge the two things. It's useless for me to have a journal AND a blog at the same time, it's a waste of time.


the first post of the year!

In the end I didn't add anything to the last chapter of the journal, I didn't have much else to say. Happy new year! As of now I'm loaded with assignments that I need to do in a three day time limit, but here I am tinkering with silly html !! living the life what can I say

I've sprinkled up the website a bit in these days, made a very wip music albums page and overall de-spaghettied my code a bit.

I'm still not very good at all things html related, but I'm slowly getting the hang of things such as div and flexboxes.. which look daunting nonetheless. But it's very fun and cozy when things work! Oh yeah, I also revamped both the homepage and neofriends with very cute buttons, even made mine!