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I got to see Sick Tamburo and Verdena live at the Radio Onda D'urto Festival. It was nice, but the environment was (as usual) so terribly hot and dry >-< thankfully there was a fountain of free water!

The festival is heavily focused on anything anti-fascism; there was a really nice book area with all kinds of small publishers, mostly focusing on feminism, environmentalism, eco-tech, cultures. I sadly didn't have much time to browse, but I did find some nice stuff to grab nonetheless :) one is an ilustraed story called Logbook by finnish artist Tehri Ekebom; the other is Nella rete dei social (Caught in the net of social networks would be a fitting translation) by Claudio Ceruti. Talks about all of the negative side-effects of corpo social networks that we still have to deal with, no matter if we use them or not. Both quite interesting.


went to the waterfalls with a good friend of mine! it was sooo fresh and cozy!!


Bringin back da journal yeeeeehaw

Lots of stuff happened. I finally finished highschool with a whopping 100/100 score (actually kinda proud abt that one considering I SUCKED in middle school). Even though we promised each other it wouldn't happen, I eventually lost touch with some good friends in just a few months, but it can't be helped: we all started working, in one way or another.

Other than that, I found a full-time job that's keeping me very busy for the summer period at a bookshop, a chain store to be precise. Boy, do I have to WHINE about the usual capitalist shit that taints everything, even in such an environment; but at least I am in direct contact with books and people who enjoy books, so days can be fun/interesting, depending on the clients. I'll complain later on about the negative aspects. I still have around two months of work anyway.

I'm slightly anxious because I also need to start university in october, and for a good two/three weeks it'll overlap with the job. This is kinda awful: I usually feel the need to immerse myself completely in what I do because I'm worried about missing out on stuff, lectures, etc. I just hope things'll go smooth and I'll be able to figure out everything I need.


Today's track: Freestyles - Feel

new year new me B) I've wiped out the journal but I'm keeping it archived - there's an issue with css which I'm too lazy to figure out rn so I'll put a link to them when I feel like fixing it.

I've not done much in the last few days; I've watched the movie Silvia Prieto on mubi and played a few games: Death Stranding, Vampire Survivor, Doom2016. I now definitely need to focus on this painting I need to finish for school in five (5!) days. Oh no and I almost forgot I need to read I Malavoglia by Giovanni Verga.