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♫ Talkin 'bout my manifesto ♫

Disclaimer: this here is a set of ideologies and rules that I try to apply to most aspects of my life. It is not set in stone, thus I might alter it if I have a reason to do so in the future.

Striving to be better

Everyday it is a possibility for me to learn something and improve as a human; I was able to escape the small town mentality a few years ago and since then the only reason I had to look back was to reflect - other than that, I miss nothing of it and I am quite happy about it.

I do not really condone any kind of bigotry: fascism, casteism, racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etcetera. In a similar way, violent ideologies do not sit right with me.

Expressing creativity

My brain is fueled by creative moments - I would say that days where I can create and craft something by myself are days in which my mind feels most at peace. I would like to explore all kinds of different crafts in order to expand what I can conceive in my thoughts.

When it comes to this website, it's both a piece made with love and a statement against the modern web - which is so dull, boring and lifeless. The web has the possibility to shine once more, but it's up to us - and definitely not the corporations - to create something unique once again.

Corporation never invented, just copied what was most safely succesful at most.

Also, I guess one could probably imagine my stance on certain things, but it doesn't hurt to specify: I'm heavily against NFTs (and cryptocurriences in general) and AI art. The latter was implemented so awfully and without any kind of respect for original artists that it deserves to die as soon as possible.

Some sort of minimalistic approach

It is no secret to some friends that I've spent my younger years, up to just a couple ago, indulging way too much into collecting, spending, buying, obsessing over new and shiny products. At one point it all became too much, something inside of my brain snapped and ever since I've tried to make my belongings meaningful; for instance, I try not to buy anything that I do not need - I sometimes make exceptions for things that make my everyday life more practical, or things that can widely boost my creativity by inspiring me.

I also sell things that have not been used in a while - which is also a way to cut ties with painful sides of your past that you can't let go, since some items may hold some emotional value (obviously some items can hold positive emotions too, and so for those exceptions can be made).

Fighting hyper-capitalism

Taking a step back from consumism made me think about the kind of world we're living in, and how much we're slaves to the american kind of economical system into which "buying" seems to be the main goal for most people's lives. This is because people selling their products went great ways to make it sound like it is, but trust me - it'll only make you feel more shallow and miserable, in the end. Go take a walk, read a nice book, compliment your friend; you'll feel better and you won't spend a penny.

I obviously don't think capitalism is a good choice; I don't pretend to have some sort of magical solution at hand either, but I am keeping aware and certainly not describing capitalism as the only possibility, as some would like you to think.

Escaping from addictions

This might be related to my fight against consumism, although I'm not sure. At a certain point in life I realized I didn't want to hinder my brain's thoughts with addictions, expecially the ones which physically alter your abilities to think and feel: I don't smoke, drink nor do any drugs. I understand that occasionally drinking is fine but I always felt like there's way too many customs and social interactions which expect you to drink something - just think about the fact that "hanging out" with friends most always explicitely means to drink alcohol. I don't like that! I want my friends to be lucid and aware so that we can have meaningful conversations! I hate that I feel out of place if I don't have a sigarette or a glass near my mouth!

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